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Why Music?

Why Music?

While most would consider that the only prospects for music majors are to perform or teach, music majors have the ability to apply for any job in any field, with the exception of law or medicine. Nevertheless, musicians can still apply to graduate school of law or medicine. The reason is that in addition in studying performance practices, musicians indirectly learn skills of communication, collaborating with their ensemble colleagues and conductors; advertising, promoting their concerts and performance events; marketing, choosing repertoire that interests their audience; and business, developing an entrepreneurial life as a musician.

As part of LSU’s College of Music & Dramatic Arts, the School of Music offers its students one of the nation’s most comprehensive programs, including bachelor, masters and doctoral degrees, and countless opportunities. Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music in 1931, the School of Music includes divisions of academic studies, solo performance studies, composition, music education, collaborative and large ensemble performance, chamber music and opera.

So whether you dream about a performance career, aspire to teach and educate, or desire to learn in a special environment in which you develop your skills through a hands-on and indirect approach, the LSU College of Music & Dramatic Arts is the place for you.

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